Friday, January 23, 2009

Issue # 1 : Health Care Reform...

You gotta build on what you got. It wasn't "socialism" that brought National
Health Service to France & England: It was World War Two, and the effects upon
the system...population movements (' "Here come the bombs!" ') and the necessity
for fulfilling a need (health services & doctors, working within a War-time society.)

[This is my own thinking upon the matter~~my own words. The facts I'm reflecting
have been curled from my reading of this weeks New Yorker [Jan. 26,2009] & the very
enlightening, informative, article written by Arul Gawande: "Getting There from Here";
page 26. ]

The photograph above is my poor attempt at humor. :)

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Whether she wanted to or not.

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i do drop by the old space, though i've long since forgotten how to get in. *hugs*