Friday, February 27, 2009

If I ever...

...find myself trapped by fate and screaming out to others, [from an Island of my own making] please don't tell me where it's at; don't tell me your authority gives you license to shut me down.
I'll take your time and make it my own.
I'll stop listening to your rants of hatred.
I'll be the voice in the wilderness, happily ever after.

When we stop conversing like two opposing teams
the World, I think, will be just a bit brighter;
the night will be welcome, once again,
any thought of Islands will be given space
to breathe.

Until then,
I'll do it myself,
thank you.


-eve- said...

Interesting :-)
Somehow, it reminds me of Def Leppard's song, "When love and hate collide"

Abe's Heart said...

My words, or Mellencamp's??? lol!

[That's a Def Leppard Song I never heard. Now, I've gotta look it up!:)
I only caught up with them at "Hysteria"...Drum & bass..great!!]

luv ya,
Abe's Heart.