Sunday, November 23, 2008


Besides reading, I'll be watching the American Music Awards tonight.
What are you doing?

[this post is a solitary "twitter" message.
I haven't "twit"(-ed) in a long a matter of fact, I need to get newly twitted-out for 2009.
In the meantime, I'll use the comment box (below) for responses & replies & updates...Thank you, for your patience during my Twittish Reconstruction



sinfullyanon said...

7:14~gotta go out and get a gallon of milk! Hope I make it back in time for the American Music Awards..drat! It's friggin' COLD out too! :(

sinfullyanon said...

8:03PM~Whew! Made it!
Christina is so good! Grown into
the music...Say good-bye/hello, Britney..:)

sinfullyanon said..., that like old/new!:)...I'm reading, "Zorro," by Isabel Allende [Marin Author; used to be my nieghbor!..okay, 'nough name droppin, Sinful.]

sinfullyanon said...

8:28PM~I'm sober. And, so is PINK.
Milk, anyone??

~x~ sinfullyAnonymous.

sinfullyanon said...

8:49PM~I just flew over to Shibari's Blog and dropped her a few lines..Looking forward to Thanksgiving, ain't you? I'm missin' Shibari..she's a sweetie.:)

sinfullyanon said...

I'm going to sleep. Gotta be up early to get my Nephew on the bus...'night all:)

sinfullyanon said...

Q. Where would you live next? A. L.A. ~~Half the year...New York ~~The other half

 Q. Best insider tip for where you live? A. Green Technologies...(whisper it in "The Graduate") 

 Q.I always wanted to live _______ A. ...Long Life...Longevity, has it place...~MLK

 Q. Frankly, my dear, I ________________A. Wish I could spank you like all the other Southern Boys

Q. Favorite grocery store aisle? A. Produce, baby!

Q. The difference between you and your parents is? A. He's so friggin' Depression Era ..It's Depressing.!!edit | remove  

Q.I wish I had never __________A. streaked when I was a teenager.edit | remove  

Q. What is your principal defect? A. It's on Standby, right now ..I'll get back to ya,K?edit | remove  

Q. Favorite comfort food? A. Bagels.edit | remove  

Q. What can occupy an entire Saturday? A.Thinkin' 'bout confession on Sunday...:(edit | remove  

Q. What’s your favorite quote? A. "As our cases are new, we must act anew and think anew" ~LINCOLNedit | remove 

 Q.Fox News or Lehrer Newshour? A. C-SPAN, damnit! da-bestedit | remove  

Q. Favorite movie hero? A.Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) “Wherever there's a cop beatin' up on a guy, I’ll be there.” edit | remove  

Q. Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee’s Best? A. Moylin's (Nothern Cali Micro-Brew~FOUR STARS)edit | remove  

Q. What historical event are you glad you were alive to witness? A. The Election of President Obama...Yes We Can!edit | remove  

Q. Risotto or Rice-A-Roni? A.THE SAN FRANCISCO TREAT!! :)edit | remove  

Q. Bury me with my ______A. Souledit | remove  

Q. The difference between success and failure is ______A. Hat size.edit | remove  

Q. When no one’s looking I... A. write erotica and post it on a sex blog.edit | remove  

Q. What do you do to make the world a better place? A. Smile; say hello to stranger; help old ladies across the street; and, all the usual stuff people in New York don’t tend to do. ,edit | remove  

Q. Sailboat or motorboat? A. Sailboatedit | remove  

Q. If you were an animal, which would you be? A. a very frisky rabbitedit | remove  

Q. If you were a candy bar, you’d be _________
A. Snickers:)edit | remove  

Q. What was your worst job? A. CVS (sales Associate...They have truly poor management .. lawbreakers!_)edit | remove  

Q. What's your recurring dream? A. I'm always naked, damnit!edit | remove  

Q. Favorite poet? A. Czeslaw Miloszedit | remove  

Q. Favorite painter? A. The Little Dutch Boyedit | remove 

 Q. My favorite board game is: A. Shoots & Laddersedit | remove 

 Q. What can you do that nobody else can do? A. Cure hiccups!edit | remove  

Q. Favorite villain of all time? A. Sweeny Toddedit | remove  

Q. You can sing lead vocals with any band...which? A. James Taylor...(but, he's not a band)edit | remove  

Q. What is your favorite vacation getta-way? A. What's a vacation??!edit | remove  

Q. If you could choose immortality, would you do it? A. Nope! (Well...only if I wasn't around to see it)edit | remove 

 Q. Golfing or Fishing? A. Fishing!edit | remove  

Q. Crossword puzzles, sudoku or solitaire? A. Sudoku ("God Bless you":)edit | remove  

Q. What was your childhood obsession? :)..those darn naughty school-girls!edit | remove  

Q. If you can't sleep what do you do? A. Answer these Questions! duh!:)edit | remove  

Q. Favorite costume party theme: A. Exotic & Erotic (Oh, San Francisco, here I come!)edit | remove  

Q. If you came back in your next life as a road sign, you would say: A."MERGE"edit | remove 

 Q. What TV show would you want to guest-star on? A. E.Redit | remove 

 Q. What's your favorite flower? A. a rose is a rose is a roseedit | remove  

Q. The first word you think of when we say...Bill Clinton A. imperfect.edit | remove  

Q. Who would you want to be trapped in the elevator with? A.Otisedit | remove  

Q. Facial hair or clean shaven? A. Clean Shaven (sometimes, I let it grow on the weekends ..strange, aye?)edit | remove  

Q. Can you keep a secret? A. Sure. Can you keep mine?edit | remove  

Q. Your life story in 6 words A. It is something, forever, becoming new.edit | remove  

Q. What should you be doing? A. taking it easy! (less stress ..more fun...less | remove  

Q. Favorite movie ending? A. "Rosebud".....edit | remove  

Q. In 10 years, I’ll be: A. Hopefully, still alive & kickin':)edit | remove  

Q. Favorite spice? A. Heck! All five of them...or, was it six..edit | remove  

Q. Favorite recently read book? A. "My Sister, My Love," By, Joyce Carol Oatesedit | remove  

Q. What is your favorite TV show? A. Charlie Rose (intelligent, one-on-one convo)edit | remove  

Q. What would your Olympic event be? A. The slow walk to China & back.edit | remove  

Q. If not yourself, who would you be? A.Will Smithedit | remove  

Q. What's your favorite summer ritual? A. Nude beach, with speedo in fanny-pac [j/k]edit | remove  

Q. Worst medical test you've ever taken? A. This isn't it?edit | remove  

Q. I'm allergic to…A. Alcohol! (seriously...:)edit | remove 

 Q. I have made it a rule never to _____________A. make rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!never!edit | remove  

Q. Seinfeld or Friends? A.Seinfeld (Jerry rules ..even while driving!) that's Long Islandedit | remove  

Q. Your favorite dating sites? A. Don't really have one. I like reading "Singleness in your 40's"[note: Now “40/20”] :)edit | remove  

Q. What is your favorite virtue? A. I don't care about TMI.. I'll tell you anything about myself, warts/alledit | remove  

Q. My 15 minutes of fame were...A. Having the lead in "Crossing Delancy"...kiss the girl, Sam!edit | remove  

Q. I’d love to ship my spouse off to...A. ~~Someone already did, apparently ..she's not here and never was!wink*edit | remove  

Q. What's in your pocket? A. a pen, my keys, and lint.edit | remove  

Q. Electric or unplugged? A. Unplugged...(My MTV is a rich & broad experience:)edit | remove 

 Q. To succeed in life, you need these two things: A. Confidence & the ability to laugh at yourself!edit | remove  

Q. Hockey skates or figure skates? A. Figure skates (when they're on a figure skater)...not me!edit | remove  

Q.I can't believe it's not _______________A. Ripley!!edit | remove  

Q.I love the smell of _________ in the morning A. coffee. (jus' bet you thought I was gonna say "napalm," right?:)edit | remove  

Q. Best place to celebrate a big birthday? A. The Trick-see Spanko-Rama, on Route 110.edit | remove  

Q. Leno or Letterman? A. Letterman (NEW YORK! rules)edit | remove  

Q. Childhood hero? A. Batman (before he became depressing)edit | remove  

Q. Worst ice breaker at parties? A. A Hammer.edit | remove  

Q. Best solo vacation spot? A. Staycation, you mean? Oh, the places you will go!edit | remove  

Q. Favorite body of water? A. Excuse me, while I take a sip.edit | remove  

Q. What do you need more: manicure or pedicure?
A. Neither.. but, I wouldn't turn down a good foot massage.edit | remove  

Q. What do you buy in bulk at the warehouse club?
A. Soft Soap ..damn, I'm not kidding!edit | remove  

Q. Would you rather be lucky or smart? A. Lucky would be nice ..but, smart is kinda forever ain't it:)edit | remove 

 Q. Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock? A. Miles, and miles, of smiles!:)edit | remove  

Q. Overrated destination? A. Bangalore,India (but, that's going to change..keep watching)edit | remove  

Q. If you could time travel, where would you go? A. Emily Dickinson's Bathroom (don't even ask me why!)edit | remove  

Q. Flat Screen TV or World Peace? A. World Peace, definitely ..w/a Capital Pedit | remove  

Q. Tony Soprano or Michael Corleone? A. Tony! Forgettabout it!edit | remove  

Q. What’s rocking your world these days? A. My blogging activities are getting lot's of fun attention:)edit | remove  

Q. Cosmo or Beer Bong? A. Cosmoedit | remove 

 Q. Which Animal House character are you? A. The one with the Devil & angel on his shoulders!edit | remove  

Q. Which animal symbolizes you? A. The fickle Foxedit | remove 

 Q. If money were no object, what would you do with your time? A. Write, Write, and Write, some more!:)edit | remove  

Q. What should you do on a second date? A. Exchange medical Histories.edit | remove  

Q. To lose 20 lbs., I'd give up _________A. eating.edit | remove 

 Q.Favorite Broadway musical?A.UrineTownedit | remove  Q.St. Bernard or Shih-Tzu?A.St. Bernardedit | remove  Q.Cabernet or Merlot?A.Merlotedit | remove  Q.A pet name you call your honey...A.Cheerio-lover!edit | remove  Q.What's your car's name?A.Nike.edit | remove  Q.Can men and women really just be friends?A.Sure. Why not?edit | remove  Q.Time flies when you're _________________A.asleep.edit | remove  Q.You've met someone online, where do you go for the first date?A.Internet Cafeedit | remove  Q.Biggest lie you ever told?A.See: "Bobbing for apples" Answeredit | remove  Q.What is your favorite family tradition?A.Bobbing for apples, naked.edit | remove  Q.Mac or PC?A.PCedit | remove  Q.I always wash my hands after I __________A.take a leak.edit | remove  Q.The sexiest piece of lingerie is:A.the thongedit | remove  Q.What happens in Vegas, ___________A.happens in New York!edit | remove  Q.What do you love to do that you forbid your kids to do?A.I have kids! Oh no..Who's the Mommy???edit | remove  Q.Celebrity crush?A.Holly Hunteredit | remove  Q.What do you wish your neighbors didn’t do?A.Swim in their pool naked.edit | remove  Q.Favorite board game?A.Shoots & Laddersedit | remove  Q.Us Weekly or People Magazine?A.Do I have to choose?edit | remove  Q.Language you'd like to learn?A.Spanglishedit | remove  Q.My least favorite household chore is___________A.Cleaning the toilet.edit | remove  Q.A sitcom about my life would be named _______A."...Duck!"edit | remove  Q.I collect _______A.Comic Books, Graphic Novelsedit | remove  Q.All time favorite TV show?A.St. Elsewhereedit | remove  Q.The difference between love and lust is:A.Love can last a lifetime. Lust, on the other hand, is a passing fancyedit | remove  Q.What's a children's book you can't throw out?A.Hello, Moon!edit | remove  Q.What's the greenest thing you HATE to do?A.Composting.edit | remove  Q.Between two evils, I always try pick the one that'll find me shy.edit | remove  Q.All time favorite album?A.Anything by Guided by Voicesedit | remove  Q.I can resist everything except_____________A.Answering these Questions!edit | remove  Q.Favorite breakfast?A.Honey Nut Cherrios!edit | remove  Q.Pardon my:A.caustic sense of humor.edit | remove  Q.Oprah or MarthaA.Oprahedit | remove  Q.What song is stuck in your head right now?A."Middle of Nowhere" by, Hot Hot Heatedit | remove  Q.Best place to meet new friends?A.Still working on that one!edit | remove  Q.Book you wish they'd turn into a movieA."The Royal Family," By William T. Vollmannedit | remove  Q.Your life is a movie, which one?A.Enter Laughingedit | remove  Q.Best place to get lost?A.Here. tomorrow, most likely.edit | remove  Q.DVD or TIVO?A.What?edit | remove  Q.A job you'd never want to tryA.Taste tester for Raul Castro.edit | remove  Q.Wikipedia or Britannica?A.Wikipedia (waiting on the Revised edition, though.)edit | remove  Q.The dictator you most love to hate?A.Stalinedit | remove  Q.Why were you late for work this morning?A.I wasn't.edit | remove  Q.In high school I was ________A.See: "most likely" Question.edit | remove  Q.Dynasty or Dallas?A.Dallas (Post J.R.)edit | remove  Q.If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be?A.Are Nikes shoes?edit | remove  Q.Your idea of miseryA.Being homeless, and mentally ill.edit | remove  Q.Power corrupts, absolute power ________________A.currupts absolutely (no joke!)edit | remove  Q.A job you've always wanted to tryA.Acting in a Major Motion Picture Releaseedit | remove  Q.What's your favorite vacation getaway?A.dreamsedit | remove  Q.Best local getawayA.411edit | remove  Q.What would your clown name be?A.Punchen-Popupedit | remove  Q.Free (all expense paid) trip to anywhere...where do you go?A.Paris, Franceedit | remove  Q.Which super power do you wish you had?A.Britain, during Colonialisationedit | remove  Q.Last time you had a good cry?A.fifteen minutes ago.edit | remove  Q.Contacts or glasses?A.glasses...(wanna fight?)edit | remove  Q.What advice would you give a younger version of you?A.Stay away from peers who do drugs!edit | remove  Q.___________ makes the world go roundA.Loveedit | remove  Q.What web site do you waste a lot of time on?A.YouTube (is there any other??)edit | remove  Q.You're a cereal – which one?A.Honey Nut Cheerios (wink*)edit | remove  Q.Which Muppet are you?A.The tall, yellow, one..that doesn't seem to fly.edit | remove  Q.The first word you think of when we say ...ViagraA.Seeyalateredit | remove  Q.Favorite takeout foodA.Mongolian sprouts [j/k]edit | remove  Q.When you go to a party and someone says, "What do you do?", what do you say?A.None of your damn business!edit | remove  Q.Michael Stipe or Ted Nugent?A.Stipe, and REM, definitely!edit | remove  Q.What sport do you still play?A.I never did. Never will.edit | remove  Q.Bush I or Bush II?A.Bush Noneedit | remove  Q.The first word you think of when we say...BoomerA.Idealisticedit | remove  Q.I’ll stand in line for ___________A.watching George Bush leave the White House in 2009.edit | remove  Q.If you had an extra $5000, what would you do with it?A.Invest it in TeeBeeDee!edit | remove  Q.How do you stay fit?A.I try to walk, at least 45 minutes, each day.edit | remove  Q.What was the name of your imaginary childhood friend?A.Seeyalater   Q.If you could live one decade over, which would it be?A.1970|   Q.Tin can telephone or Treo?A.Tin can! (wadd-ya say?)  Q.In high school, you were Most Likely to:A.Get the heck kicked out of me!

s-Story #2:

Here’s a truism:

You can never put your finger upon who exactly is looking out for you. But, if anybody asks, I‘ll say this in reply: If I didn’t have a sense of humor I’d be dead right now.


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

sinfullyanon said...

I've been writing & reading spanking stories! My cock is STRAINING TO BREATHE FREE!...(Blush*}>>


Ps: Nixy! It's all your fault.:)

sinfullyanon said...


Ahhhh..That's better.


[Christ! and, that was just foreplay!:)]