Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh! The Places You Will Go!

I know the title of this post is stolen...

..but, I've always loved this title & book.

Do you know who wrote it?

:) ~x~SinfullyAnon.


-eve- said...

I'm afraid I'm not as widely read as you... i can't even begin to guess ;-)

Tiffany said...

Dr. Suess?

sinfullyanon said...

~tiffany: Welcome, to my humble abode. You are correct! :)

~eve~ Patience!..the books you are reading now, shall serve you just as well. Smile*

-eve- said...

Ohh.... Dr. Seuss...! Ok, maybe I'll get it the next time :-) Yes, I hope the books aren't a waste ;-)

Rose said...

That's Dr. Suess, of course! I LOVE Dr. Suess!

As a matter of fact, that very same phrase has been running through my head for the past few weeks! Oh, the places I will go...

And of course, the places I have been. ;)

*Hugs and Kisses*

Blessed Be.


sinfullyanon said...


So good to see you! Much happiness,
in all the places you go..